Zinc Chloride

The Uses and Benefits of Solid Zinc Chloride

Granular Zinc Chloride is used for applications across many industries. Zaclon's largest markets for solid Zinc Chloride are industrial applications, pharmaceuticals, and the plating industry. Most of the industries that use this product are looking to add a zinc source to their applications for various reasons. 

The Uses and Benefits of Liquid Zinc Chloride 

Due to its high solulability, Zinc Chloride is available in highly concentrated solutions. The industry standard solids content is 62.5%, though concentrations of 50%, 65%, and 68% are also available.

The largest markets for our zinc chloride solution are:

Municipal Water Treatment Plants

Zaclon provides our high-quality, highly concentrated Zinc Chloride solutions to many wastewater treatment plants where it is added in small doses to help both purify the water and act as a clarifying agent. The ZnCl2 can also provide protection to metal distribution systems.

Other Zinc Chloride Uses

Zinc is a well known antibacterial and can be found in consumer products, such as antibacterial ointments and mouthwash.

Why Choose Zaclon for Zinc Chloride?

Customers from large chemical distributors to small municipalities choose Zaclon for their zinc chloride needs because we provide what they need. We have decades of experience producing and distributing our high-quality liquid and solid zinc chloride products. We offer multiple quantities to fit your needs, and have a large selection of other products your industry needs, providing you with the one-stop-shop experience. 

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Product Materials
Zinc Chloride Granular
Zinc Chloride Solution
Zinc Chloride Solution Technical Grade Hi
Zinc Chloride Solution Technical Grade 62.5%

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