Wetting Agent A is a tried and true Zaclon galvanizing product designed to reduce spatter and improve the insulation and drainage in your flux tank. After being on the market for over 35 years, Wetting Agent A is one of the most common products in the galvanizing industry. 

  • Used to help the flux drain off better so that you have less moisture going to the kettle.
  • Used to put a layer of foam on top of the flux tank for insulation to reduce evaporation and contain heat.
  • Used in the rinse tanks, after the hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, to help minimize the contamination in the flux tank.

Wetting Agent A Quantities 

We normally sell the Wetting Agent A in 5 or 6-gallon pails that can last a plant about 3-6 months. We do also offer 400-pound drums which can last about 3 years. 

Why Choose Zaclon for Wetting Agent A?

With Wetting Agent A from Zaclon, you can reduce the steam in your plant, protecting your equipment and your employees. Zaclon also offers more quantities of Wetting Agent A than other providers. Most distributors only offer a 5 year supply, which costs more and might go to waste, whereas with Zaclon, you only buy what you need, which ensures no product goes to waste. 

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