Zaclon is the North American distributor of Bottaro premium galvanizing wire. Bottaro is the world’s only manufacturer of wire specifically made for the hot-dip galvanizing industry. 

Hot-Dip Galvanizing Wire

Bottaro galvanizing wire is a more pliable wire with low zinc absorption, that still maintains the tensile strengths required for galvanizing. This malleable wire allows your plant to significantly reduce production times as it is easier to string Bottaro wire. 

Bottaro wire is a black annealed wire and is available in both cut-to-length and coils. Cut-to-length anywhere between 20 inches to 9 feet in 6-18 gauge. Coils are 100 pounds each.

Why Choose Zaclon for Galvanizing Wire?

We are the only North American distributor of the Bottaro wire. With Bottaro wire, you receive the benefits of cost savings from reduced labor and zinc savings from the low zinc absorption. 

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