Ammonium Hydroxide

Quick and Easy Flux Tank Cleaning

Zaclon offers ammonium hydroxide, also known as aqua ammonia, as a liquid that is used to adjust the alkalinity or the acidity of a flux tank. The galvanizing process can take a toll on your flux tanks, which changes the pH levels and will eventually alter your product. 

One easy way to adjust your flux tank pH levels back to the ideal neutral levels is with ammonium hydroxide. Our ammonium hydroxide provides galvanizers the ease of cleaning their flux tanks in a way that won’t alter your internal processes and won’t affect your galvanizing. 

Ammonium Hydroxide Quantities

At Zaclon, we sell our ammonium hydroxide at 19% in 400-pound drums. 

Why Choose Zaclon for Ammonium Hydroxide?

Other suppliers offer higher percentages of ammonium hydroxide, but with any percent higher than 19%, you will need specialized drums with costly deposits. With Zaclon, we offer the highest percentage of ammonium hydroxide mixture while still being able to transport it in standard drums. This way, you do not have to worry about returning the drums when your product is gone. You can simply rinse the drums out and dispose of them or reuse them. 

Learn More About Ammonium Hydroxide at Zaclon

If you are interested in learning more about our ammonium hydroxide and why so many people choose to go with Zaclon for their flux tank cleaning needs, please contact us today! 

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