Quality Alloy Repair Rods

At Zaclon, we manufacture two types of alloy repair rods that make it easy to touch up any galvanized product that has a minor imperfection. These repair rods are made out of zinc tin alloy and can repair any surface flaws while still holding the integrity of the metal, even while they are still hot.  

Alloy Repair Rod Quantities

We sell our alloy repair rods in 50-pound boxes. We sell them in circular pods, which are a standard pen thickness, and we also have them available in meter bars, which is a square rod. 

Why Choose Zaclon for Alloy Repair Rods?

We produce our alloy repair rods to meet the requirements of the STM specifications of repair and the Department of Transportation, which is 50% zinc and 49% tin. This ratio makes the repair rods easy to use while still meeting those necessary specs. 

In addition, our smaller quantity offering is a huge benefit to our customers. Because our 50-pound quantity is smaller than other suppliers, we can easily ship your order straight to your facility, which allows you to get them as fast as possible. We can also make arrangements to send our alloy repair rods directly to your customers, should they ever need to make a quick surface repair in the field. 

Learn More About Zaclon Alloy Repair Rods

If you are interested in learning more about our alloy repair rods, please contact us today with any questions. 

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