Paper Conversion Coating

Chemical Manufacturing for the Paper Conversion Coating Industry

Zaclon is a popular name in the paper conversion coating industry! Customers choose our products, especially our Quilon chrome products as they are the highest-quality available world-wide. 

Likewise, in the paper industry, many companies are taking a step away from the use of silicone in their lines, as the concern of bioaccumulation continues to grow. Quilon is a reactive solution where long-chain fatty acids are reactive and complexed with a chrome three molecule, without the use of silicone.

Over the years, our paper coating customers have been exceedingly satisfied with our products, customer service, and on-time delivery. Generally, the only concern we ever hear is centered around the prices of our products, but we do market them to be priced as low as possible for the quality of the products. The quality of our products is unmatched and performs as it should time and time again. 

Learn More About Zaclon and the Paper Conversion Coating Industry

If you are in the paper conversion coating industry and you would like to learn more about our products and how they can increase the quality of your products, please contact us at Zaclon today. 

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