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Accelerators are products that are added to either elastomers and or engine rubber materials where they accelerate the curing of the material.

Accelerator 808 and 833 are Condensation products of Aniline and Butyraldehyde, and are used in Natural Latex formulations.

Why Choose Zaclon for Accelerators?

We are the sole manufactures of this product in North America.

Halogen Tin

Zaclon produces an additive for High-Speed® halogen tin plating; this additive brightens the tin deposits, particularly in re-flow on high-speed lines.

Halogen Tin Quantities

This product is typically packaged in 40 to 45-pound plastic pails which we will bulk package onto a pallet for shipping and convenience.

Why Choose Halogen Tin from Zaclon?

Much like our accelerator products, our halogen tin is unique to Zaclon and has went thorough R&D, years of testing, and even more years of use in many industries. 

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Product Materials
Halogen Tin Addition Agent #20
Accelerator 808
Accelerator 833

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