Zaclon: A Long and Rich History

Zaclon itself is only 33 years old, but to truly understand our company, it is important to know our rich history which dates all the way back to 1781. 

Giovanni Grasselli was born in 1781 and grew up in Italy where he began studying chemistry. Chemistry was a fairly new discipline at this time with many undiscovered principles that we know today. 

Giovanni then found opportunities to manufacture chemicals in France, so he emigrated to pursue his career. There he had a son, Eugene Grasselli who grew up learning chemistry from his father’s teachings which was mainly focused on making sulfuric acid for the soap industry. 

In 1836, Eugene decided to seek more opportunities in his trade in the United States. He first came to Philadelphia, where he didn’t spend much time, but just enough time to befriend the DuPont family.

Then, in 1839, Eugene moved to Cincinnati, Ohio as a result of the emerging need for sulfuric acid in the Midwest. There, he opened his first sulfuric acid manufacturing plant, which is still in operation today. 

About 25 years later, the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania and Ohio brought about more opportunities for Eugene, as oil refineries need sulfuric acid. So, Eugene moved to Cleveland, where John D. Rockefeller based his oil operations. 

Grasselli FamilyThis led Eugene to purchase land in the Cleveland Industrial Flats, which was the perfect location for his new facility. Eventually, he bought the surrounding plants as well which was 36 acres combined. 

Once settled, he began manufacturing other chemical products such as hydrochloric acid and zinc sulfate. 

Then Eugene passed away and his son Caesar took over the company who eventually sold it to the DuPont family in 1926. Under the DuPont ownership, many new products were added to their offerings, until it was sold to the current owners' Joe Turgeon and Jim Krimmel.

Now, Zaclon is still located in the Cleveland Industrial Flats with the same 36 acres and still manufactures and sells many of the same products since the 1850s in addition to many more specialty and standard chemical products. 

Overall, this is the very short version of a very long and rich history that has made Zaclon the company it is today!


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