Zinc Ammonium Chloride Fluxes

Zaclon Zinc Ammonium Chloride Fluxes

Zaclon galvanizing fluxes, based on Zinc Ammonium Chloride chemistries, are available in both solution and solid forms. Zaclon’s wide range of flux formulations allows us to best fit the needs of all the different types of galvanizing. Zaclon flux product applications range from preflux and top flux for hot-dip galvanizing, blending into plumbing or brazing fluxes, wire and sheet galvanizing, terne coating, or hot-dip tinning of steel. Zaclon fluxes are used in the coating of tube, pipe, wire, small parts such as bolts and nuts, structural steels, fencing, and steel sheet coils, and more.

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Product Materials
Zaclon AB Flux
Zaclon Galvanizing Flux K or F or C
Zaclon Galvanizing Flux Solutions


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