Soprin is an Italian manufacturing company that specializes in chemicals that improve the galvanizing processes. Zaclon is the distributor for Soprin Product in the United States and Canada.

Soprin manufactures specialty chemical additives for the treatment of steel surfaces in the hot-dip galvanizing process. Each of their products are designed to solve common issues in the galvanizing process while decreasing your process times and increasing profitability in an environmentally friendly manner.

Degreasing Agents from Soprin

When galvanizing steel, you need to remove any excess oils or grease to leave the surface clean. Soprin has three unique products that can help achieve this:


An acidic degreasing agent that will strip any oils or grease from the surface of the steel. Can be used in a separate tank or in the hydrochloric acid tank.


Caustic cleaning bath booster.

Sverniciante (paint remover)

A nonethylene chloride paint remover spray.

Acid Additives from Soprin

These acid additives are used to clean the rust off of the steel, often referred to as pickling acids. 


This acid additive from Soprin is designed to minimize the fuming in your acid. Your plant is made out of metal, so it only makes sense that you would want to reduce these corrosive fumes from leaving the tanks. Not only do these anti-vapor products keep your plant safe, but they also keep your employees safe from breathing in these fumes. We have Anti-Vapor additives for both hydrochloric and sulfuric fumes. 

Iron Save

When cleaning steel, you create a rougher surface that attacks the base steel causing wasted iron. You can significantly reduce the agitation on that steel product with Iron Save. Iron Save is an environmentally friendly inhibitor that saves iron through a protective chemical layer on the steel so that when you are cleaning the surface, you are only removing rust and not iron. 

Flux Additives from Soprin

Flux additives are created to minimize the spatter in your kettle by reducing the amount of moisture in the molten zinc. 


This flux additive reduces spatter and minimizes the generation of zinc oxide skimmings. Anti-Blast reduces the agitation in the tank to keep the zinc in the tank and not on your plant's ceilings, walls, and anywhere else you don't want molten zinc. 

Flux Zinc

Flux Zinc is just one of many Zaclon products that can help you reduce wasted materials in your plant. Flux Zinc is a black powder that is used to help melt zinc out of the waste product that is generated in a galvanizing kettle. 

Flux Zinc can also be used in other applications such as, helping settle floating dross and improving recovery within a zinc recovery furnace.

Minimize Zinc Waste and Maximize Plant Efficiency and Safety

Flux Zinc was designed to not only help you reduce product waste but it is also a very straightforward and inexpensive way to reduce dust.

After Galvanizing

Zinco Spray

This product is used to keep your galvanized steel blemish-free. After processing your steel, sometimes there can be wire marks left on the product. Zinco Spray is an ASTM specification compliant spray that can be used to remove those defects for a flawless, finished look. 

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about these Soprin products, see safety data sheets per product, or contact us today with any questions. 

Download Soprin SDS

Product Materials
Soprin Antivapor-D
Soprin Antivapor-G
Soprin Filmflux
Soprin Fluxzinc
Soprin Hydronet Base, Hydronet Ricarica
Soprin Hydronet-D
Soprin Hydronet-S
Soprin Ironsave
Soprin Ironsave-S
Soprin Multiacid    
Soprin Sverniciante
Soprin Zinco Spray ASTM
Soprin Anti-Blast

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