The family of Quilon products are chemical treatments that impart release or water repellency to various surfaces. Quilon is a reactive solution where long chain fatty acids are reactive and complexed with a chrome 3 molecule. This product comes in a solution, mainly in the form of isopropyl alcohol. It is fully reducible in water and is used by diluting in water, typically for treatment to paper, metal, plastic film, or other surfaces where one is looking to incorporate release properties.

Quilon Quantities

Quilon is sold in 55-gallon drum containing either 420 or 450-pounds depending on the industry and application of the product. We can also provide 40-pound pails and one metric ton totes (IBC.)

Quilon Uses

There are many uses for Quilon across many industries. It is used to treat paper, film and leather to give both adhesive release and water repellency in hot or cold temperatures. Though the primary use is in food applications where you're looking for release properties on paper such as bakery pan liners. Other uses include glassine paper, mold lining paper for artificial leather, candy wrappers and masking tape.

Why Choose Quilon from Zaclon?

DuPont invented Quilon in the late 1940s, when DuPont became Zaclon, we took over many of their product systems and processes, including this one. Many customers choose Zaclon for this product because we have many years of experience manufacturing it, and can provide what they need in a timely fashion. 


Volan is a chemical bonding agent used to prepare inorganic surfaces for the adhesion of various resins. It is a reactive solution where a chrome 3 molecule is reacted with NEFA chromic acid. It provides adhesion promotion in various adhesive solutions.

Volan Uses

It is commonly used to prepare glass fiber and fabric, microspheres, pigments, metals, and other surfaces that are to be painted or bonded with adhesives. Other common uses include home wall installation, treating composite, and fiberglass materials that go into low weight construction and engineering materials. 

Volan Quantities 

Volan is available in 450-pound 35-gallon drums and 40-pound pails.

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