Zacsil Potassium Silicate Products

Zacsil Potassium Silicate Products K2SiO3

What is Zacsil?

Zaclon offers several grades of potassium silicates under the Zacsil® brand name.

Zacsils are solutions of a soluble glass that we dissolve in water. They are available in many different forms and concentrations or ratios. The ratio of silica and potassium oxide, which will vary depending on your desired application. 

Zacsil Uses

There are a multitude of uses of Zacsil Potassium Silicate including welding rods, detergents and cleaners, sulfuric acid catalyst binders, coatings for masonry, wood and metal, zinc-rich inorganic paints, acid resistant and refractory cements, as well as the above-mentioned electronic applications. Zacsil potassium silicates are used as the main fluid in drilling fluid formulations. They are also used in cementing applications, manufacturing catalysts, and pharmaceutical applications. 

Zacsil Potassium Silicate Ratios and Packaging 

Zacsil products range from 2.5 to 2.1 weight ratio (3.9 to 3.3 mole ratio), and are available in bulk trucks, totes, drums, and even pails for some applications. Zaclon can custom manufacture a Zacsil® to meet your specific requirements.

Solutions are provided in bulk or 55-gallon drums, where the weight can range anywhere from 550 pounds up to 750 pounds depending on the specific gravity of the solution. 

Why Choose Zaclon for Potassium Silicate

Zaclon has been manufacturing Potassium Silicate since the 1930s. Because of our long-standing history and experience producing this product, our customers find peace of mind knowing that they will receive a high-quality, custom ratio and quantity product on-time. 

Other specialty potassium silicates include:

Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is an ultra pure aqueous solution developed specifically for the electronics industry. It is the highest purity potassium silicate available with very low levels of metals such as Nickel, Copper, Iron and Sodium. Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is a crystal clear solution with the highest possible level of light transmission and the lowest possible turbidity.

Although developed and targeted for the high purity needs of the electronics industry, Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate should also be the potassium silicate of choice for any process where ultra high purity is desired. Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is therefore ideal for use as a display or projection phosphor binder, photolithographic applications, high temperature coatings, fuel cell binder and other purity-critical uses.

All Zacsil products are Kosher certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America.

INOBOND® brand modified potassium silicates are specialty products for the masonry and welding rod industries.

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