Waste Water Treatment

Chemical Manufacturing for Wastewater Treatment

Zaclon provides our high-quality, highly concentrated zinc chloride to many wastewater treatment plants. Our name is well known in the wastewater treatment industry and our zinc chloride and ammonium chloride solutions provide just that, solutions!

Our products are readily available in multiple quantities for quick delivery. Mostly, our products are delivered in bulk tank trucks, which makes it easy for our customers to receive the products they need for their facilities. 

Low Cost, High Quality 

Our zinc chloride and ammonium chloride products are a low cost, high-quality product. We know it is critical in this industry that there are low impurities in the product and our customer base knows that we can meet their specific requirements. 

Though our product quality is unmatched, some potential buyers will face concerns over the cost of freight. If this is your concern, reach out to us to learn why our products are worth the price of shipping.

Learn More About Zaclon and Waste Water Treatment

If you are in the waster water treatment industry and you are looking for top quality, low-cost treatment products, look no further than Zaclon. Please contact us today with any questions about how our products can help you better your facility. 


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