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Galvanized Flux: What Is It?

Galvanized Flux: What Is It

Posted By Zaclon
February 23, 2022 Category: General

When you galvanize steel to put the zinc on it, it needs to go through several steps to get the steel clean before being put into the molten zinc. To help keep any rust off and the metal looking new and healthy, you need to galvanize

The Many Uses Of Quilon

The Many Uses Of Quilon

Posted By Zaclon
February 21, 2022 Category: , General

Quilon is a product that has been around for a very long time. But did you know that Quilon can be used in a variety of different

Our Product: Zacsil

Our Product: Zacsil

Posted By Zaclon
January 24, 2022 Category: General

Zaclon has been a manufacturer of potassium silicate for nearly fifty years. Today, we want to talk to you about one of the unique products: Zacsil.  What Is Zacsil?  Zaclon offers several grades of potassium silicates under the Zacsil® brand name. Zacsils are solutions of a soluble glass that we dissolve in water. They come in a variety of forms and concentrations.  Depending on your application, silica and potassium oxide ratios will vary.  How Is Zacsil Utilized?  Zacsil Potassium Silicate has many applications, including welding rods, detergents, cleaners, sulfuric acid catalyst binders, paints, masonry, wood, metal coatings, and acid-resistant cement, the above-mentioned electronic applications.  As well as drilling fluid formulations, Zacsil potassium silicates are used in cementing applications, manufacturing catalysts, and pharmaceutical applications.  Discover More About Zacsil  Learn more by connecting with us today by clicking here for more information on how Zacsil can



Posted By Manny Detres
December 23, 2021 Category: General

If you’re considering growing plants without using soil, hydroponics is the way to go!  What Is Hydroponics?  In hydroponics, plants are grown without soil using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent as a type of horticulture and subset of hydroculture. Benefits Of Growing Hydroponically  When growing hydroponically, the plants do not receive viable nutrients like potassium silicate. But through hydroponics, you can control the number of nutrients your plants provide, including potassium silicate. Through this method, you save on water, and it also helps you give a higher yield of plants.  What We Offer  At Zaclon, we offer multiple grades of hydroponics for our clients. Our grades are also highly customizable so that we can create any industry need.   Learn More About Hydroponics  If you’re considering growing your plants hydroponically, Zaclon is here to help! Click here to contact us today for more

Quilon - Safe and Healthy

Posted By Craig Keeley
May 10, 2021 Category: General

Quilon® Contains Nature’s Own Chromium+3               Quilon, Zaclon LLC’s Release Treatment products, are a safe and proven source of release for your paper and film packaging applications. Quilon is produced from Chromium+3, the Essential Nutrient form of Chrome. Research has shown that Chromium+3:             Helps regulate Blood sugar levels             Helps build muscles             Reduces Body fat             Improves Stamina             Helps lower Cholesterol Chromium+3 is non-toxic and is found naturally in soil, water and many foods. The National Research Council recommends that you need 50 to 200 micrograms of Chromium+3 daily. Most people, though, do not receive enough. Typical foods containing Chromium+3 are apples, lobster, mushrooms, beef and peppers. Quilon, though not intended as a dietary supplement, contains 100% Chromium+3 and absolutely no Chromium+6, the heavy metal form of Chromium. Quilon finds use in many Food Contact applications including the lining of sausage casings, hard candy wrapper, cupcake flutes and commercial bakery pan liner. Quilon is FDA approved for use for incidental food cont

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