The Many Uses Of Quilon

Quilon is a product that has been around for a very long time. But did you know that Quilon can be used in various ways? 

How To Use Quilon 

Quilon goes into many areas, including label stack, leather application, and many more. But by far, paper applications are the most prominent use for Quilon. 

When DuPont became Zaclon in the late 1940s, we took over many of the products and processes that DuPont invented, including Quilon. 

Customers choose Zaclon for this product because we have many years of experience manufacturing it and promptly provide what they need. 

The primary use is in food applications where you want a paper with release properties, such as bakery pan liners. But other benefits include glassine paper, mold lining paper, candy wrappers, and masking tape.

Discover More About Quilon And Its Many Uses

To learn more about Quilon, contact us for more details about this fantastic product. 

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The Many Uses Of Quilon

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Quilon is a product that has been around for a very long time. But did you know that Quilon can be used in a variety of different

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