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Our Product Quilon And How We Use It For Waterproofing

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November 03, 2022 Category: Zaclon, Quilon, Products, Waterproofing, Leather Applications, Safe, Independence Ohio, Cleveland Ohio. Northeast Ohio

We've discussed our product Quilon before, but Quilon is primarily used for waterproofing solutions like waterproofing leather applications.  Quilon: What Is It?  Quilon is sold in a 55-gallon drum containing 420 or 450-pounds depending on the industry and application of the product. We can also provide 40-pound pails and one metric ton totes (IBC.) Quilon For Your Leather Applications Quilon is great for the use of giving leather an adhesive release and water repellency in hot or cold temperatures. Besides being able to revolutionize your leather application, Quilon is also safe for people and great for the environment.  Why Use Quilon For Your Waterproofing Application?  DuPont invented Quilon in the late 1940s; when DuPont became Zaclon, we took over many of their production systems and processes, including this one. Many customers choose Zaclon for this product because we have many years of experience manufacturing it and can provide what they need quickly.  Learn More About Why Quilon Is Best For Your Waterproofing Application Quilon is a reactive solution where long-chain fatty acids are reactive and complexed with a chrome three molecule. The family of Quilon products is chemical treatments that impart release or water repellency to various surfaces. For information on Quilon, contact one of our team members by calling 216-650-1224 or email at

Our Product Volan Is Perfect For Adhesion And More

Our Product Volan Is Perfect For Adhesion And More

Posted By Zaclon
August 29, 2022 Category: Zaclon, Volan, Quilon, Products, Safe, Adhesive, Chrome 3, Bonding Agent, Carbon Fiber, Glass, Independence Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Northeast Ohio

We offer a wide variety of unique products for our clients and customers. One of those products we offer is our adhesion-capable Volan product. But what is Volan, and should you use

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