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How Our Product Quilon Can Help Keep Your Application Water Resistant

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November 04, 2022 Category: Zaclon, Products, Quilon, Chemicals, Northeast Ohio, Independence, Cleveland, Water Resistance, Grease Resistance

Our diverse product offering helps customers across various industries realize their goals of superior quality and efficiency. Our products range from chrome products, ammonium chloride, zinc chloride, potassium silicate, and specialty products. One of those products is Quilon.  What Is Quilon?  Quilon is sold in a 55-gallon drum containing 420 or 450-pounds depending on the industry and application of the product. We can also provide 40-pound pails and one metric ton totes (IBC.) What Is Quilon Used For?  Quilon is an old chemical used for water resistance and grease resistance applications. We use Quilon for applications like food packaging and leather applications like work boots.  Is Quilon Safe To Use For Your Application?  Quilon is a safe product to use. We are the only company that can make safe-for-food packaging through the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Quilon is also biodegradable and safe for landfills. Quilon is also good for the planet and people.  Learn More About Quilon And How We Can Help  DuPont invented Quilon in the late 1940s; when DuPont became Zaclon, we took over many of their production systems and processes, including this one. Many customers choose Zaclon for this product because we have many years of experience manufacturing it and can provide what they need quickly. Call Taylor today for more information on Quilon at 216-650-1224 or email her at

What Is Ammonium Chloride And How Is It Used In Galvanizing Steel?

What Is Ammonium Chloride And How Is It Used In Galvanizing Steel

Posted By Zaclon
October 26, 2022 Category: Zaclon, Galvanizing, Steel, Solutions, Ammonium Chloride, Independence, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Northeast, Ohio, Products

If you work in a steel plant or know someone who does, you might have heard of ammonium chloride. But what is ammonium chloride, and how is it used in galvanizing

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