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Potassium Silicates

Zaclon specializes in producing potassium silicates under the Zacsil® brand name. Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is an ultra pure aqueous solution developed specifically for the electronics industry. It is the highest purity potassium silicate available with very low levels of metals such as Nickel, Copper, Iron and Sodium. Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is a crystal clear solution with the highest possible level of light transmission and the lowest possible turbidity.

Although developed and targeted for the high purity needs of the electronics industry, Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate should also be the potassium silicate of choice for any process where ultra high purity is desired. Zacsil E-200 potassium silicate is therefore ideal for use as a display or projection phosphor binder, photolithographic applications, high temperature coatings, fuel cell binder and other purity-critical uses.

Other products range from 2.5 to 2.1 weight ratio (3.9 to 3.3 mole ratio), and are available in railcars, bulk trucks, totes, drums and even pails for some applications. Applications for Potassium Silicate include welding rods, detergents and cleaners, sulfuric acid catalyst binders, coatings for masonry, wood and metal, zinc-rich inorganic paints, acid resistant and refractory cements, as well as the above mentioned electronic applications.

Zaclon can custom manufacture a Zacsil® to meet your specific requirements. Some Zacsil potassium silicate products can be produced in solid, flake-glass form as well.

Other specialty potassium silicates include:

Zacsil® AG potassium silicate solution is used in greenhouses as a silica supplement and pH buffer, which also helps control powdery mildew on some plants.

INOBOND® brand modified potassium silicates are coating binders for masonry and welding rod applications.

Zacsil® is the registered trademark of Potassium Silicate products from Zaclon LLC.
INOBOND® is a registered trademark of Van Baerle.

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Zacsil Potassium Silicates Datasheet MSDS
Zacsil Solution   MSDS
Zacsil AG Nutrient Buffer Solution Datasheet MSDS
Zacsil Electronics Datasheet MSDS

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